How to Contribute to the Forum

The purpose of the Forum is to encourage topical conversation in general and on specific articles featured in Spatial Demography. While you do need to be a registered user to post to the Forum, you do not need to be a user to comment on posts. All comments and posts are are moderated in order to maintain a respectful and productive environment.

To contribute to the Spatial Demography Forum you need to first set up a user account by emailing with the Subject “New User Account.” In the email please provide your full name, institution and email address. Once you have received a confirmation email from the administrators you may login to Spatial Demography here. Create a new post, select “Forum” as the Category and if you are referencing a specific article featured in Spatial Demography, please also tag it with the corresponding keywords for that article. When you are finished writing your post, select “Submit for Review” and your post will appear after it has been approved by the moderators.

This entry was posted by the Editors on June 20, 2012 in Forum