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Spatial Demography is now affiliated with the Foundation for Open Access Statistics. It’s led by the prominent statistician Jan de Leuuw at UCLA. Located at, the mission statement is reproduced below. We felt that the mission of Spatial Demography is compatible to that of FOAS and they have listed their support of this journal on their website. Give it a look!


The mission of the Foundation for Open Access Statistics (FOAS) is to promote free software, open access publishing, and reproducible research in statistics.

FOAS works to ensure the continued success of the Journal of Statistical Software (JSS), one of the few major open access journals that is free for both readers and authors. We also promote the use and development of free software for statistics, such as the R language and environment for computational statistics. We encourage members and the academic community at large to publish reproducible research that is publicly available online, e.g., in an open access journal or on an open access pre-print server.

You can join FOAS to show your support for free statistical software, open access publishing, and reproducible research in statistics. Membership is free and open to all.

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I'm Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Mississippi State University and Adjunct Professor at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. My specialty is spatial demography. Along with Jeremy Porter, I serve as Editor-in-Chief of Spatial Demography.