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Great news! We’re announcing a new book series with Springer Science and Business Media B.V.¬†on Spatial Demography. Jeremy Porter and I will be Book Series Editors for significant works involving spatial demography. This follows our current forthcoming work on the edited volume, Recapturing Space: New Middle-Range Theory In Spatial Demography with Stephen A. Matthews (Penn State), to further discourse in this area of study. I’ve posted the official Springer Science and Business Media B.V.¬†narrative about the Series that will appear in the near future on their website.

If you or your colleagues have ideas for potential volumes in this Series, please drop us a note at We’d love to hear from you!


Spatial Demography Series

This series explores the application of spatial science to demographic information, including the methods, theory, and applications to societal problems. It captures the rapidly expanding knowledge-base of how human behavior and social processes are both shaped by place and time as well as change localities themselves over time.

The books in this series examine both individuals as well as institutions and include all methodological, geographical, and topical research or treatments of the interaction between societies and place. It encompasses racial segregation, crime, urban sprawl, agricultural production, engagement in community life, migration, commuting, business location, technology, environmental quality, elections to public office, and other important societal phenomena.

This series adopts an international and interdisciplinary approach in its detail of the tools, techniques, and theoretical perspectives used in spatial demography. The individual volumes will help demographers better understand when, how, and why space matters in social behavior and institutions.

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