Frank Howell

Frank M. Howell is Professor Emeritus at Mississippi State University and Affiliated Faculty in Sociology at Emory University. His work has emphasized high technology in social research. The spatial analysis of social data within an ecological context has been the main focus of his research for the past two decades. Frank began using GIS in 1983 and taught a course on the spatial analysis of social data from 1997 until his retirement at MSU in 2008. He then spent three years in a senior policy analyst role at the Board of Regents, University System of Georgia, in Atlanta, GA, before retiring to Mississippi. His co-authored book with Jeremy R. Porter, Geographical Sociology (Springer) was published in March, 2012.

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Jeremy Porter

Jeremy R. Porter is an Associate Professor at the City University of New York and holds appointments in multiple departments and institutes throughout the university. He is jointly appointed at Brooklyn College in the Department of Finance and Business Management (formerly the Department of Economics) as well as the Children and Youth Studies Program. He also holds an appointment as an assistant professor at the CUNY Graduate Center in the Ph.D. program in sociology and is a faculty associate at the CUNY Institute for Demographic Research. Jeremy is also Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. He has two interdisciplinary graduate degrees and numerous certifications in the areas of geography, statistics, sociology, demography and dynamic complex systems analysis. His recent research has focused on the development of new spatially-integrated methods for the investigation of demographic processes.

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